Logisys Two-Color Illuminated Keyboard

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Logisys Two-Color Illuminated Keyboard Review Logisys Two-Color Illuminated Keyboard Review
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Below the number pad is a small dial that comes unlabeled but is actually an adjustment knob to change the amount of illumination of the keyboard. I was a little disappointed that this knob seemed to be inadequately secured; it fell off after some light use.
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As advertised, the one nice feature about this keyboard is the two-color illumination feature of the keyboard. With a simple press of a button, the entire keyboard lights up, allowing you to see the keys in low-light situations such as late night LAN parties. I like how the illumination is adjustable, and the brightest setting is definitely bright.
I used this keyboard for about a week, and overall I was satisfied with using it as a regular keyboard. While I don’t look at the keyboard when I type anymore, the colored lights were a nice style point. Typing on the keyboard felt very much like typing on a laptop, with the keys having very short travel. But it’s missing some added features of more fancy keyboards like integrated audio, USB ports, wireless, etc.
The Logisys Ultra Slim Blue/Red Illuminated Keyboard is a simple product that adds a bit of style and functionality to your computer setup. The illuminated keys are definitely a useful feature should you need it, and the illumination is done right in terms of color and brightness. And the added function keys are nice. While I don’t think I would use it as an everyday keyboard, it works as advertised and, at ~$30 USD, is a cheap way to add some bling to your gaming rig.
+ Slim and light
+ Illuminated keys (2 colors and adjustable intensity levels)
+ Extra function buttons
– Basic keyboard without too many additional features
– No integrated audio or USB ports
– Brightness knob is flimsy

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