Lian Li PC-9 Computer Case

First Toughts on the Pc-9

We’ve had the opportunity to review a lot of cases here on, but one manufacturer seems to stand out amongst the crowd in terms of quality and reputation: Lian Li. But as the competition gets tougher, everyone needs to elevate their new products to new levels. Today, we get a chance to look at one of the newest products from Lian Li, the PC-9 computer case. Will this case continue the Lian Li’s tradition of excellence? Read on to find out in this review.

About Lian Li:
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Lian Li Industrial Co., LTD was founded in 1983. We are the one of the largest and most reputable manufacturer of aluminum PC case in Taiwan . With over twenty years of experience in the computer products field, our dedicated team of engineers, production specialists and adminstrative staff provide the finest quality accessories available on the market.
In 1993, Lian-Li Introduced the new lines of computer hardware, including bracket( for case & interfaces), Mobile rack(for H.D.D.), mounting kit(for FDD & HDD), aluminum PC cases, IPC, external cases, server cases and more. We also provide OEM & ODM services, you are assured of designs that will meet your exact specifications, innovative ideas in manufacturing that will give your products an essential market edge.
Our outstanding quality has earned us ISO 9001 certification for all of our products. In addition, we back up our quality assurance with a two-yeara guarantee on most of our products.
  • Model : PC-9
  • Case Type : Mid Tower
  • Dimensions :          209 x 435 x 488mm (W, H, D)
  • Front bezel Material :                   Aluminum
  • Color :                     Silver / Black
  • Side Panel Body Material : Aluminum
  • Net Weight :           5.14kg
  • 5.25″ drive bay (External):           5
  • 3.5″ drive bay (External) :            0
  • 3.5″ drive bay (Internal) :             4
  • Expansion Slot :     7
  • Motherboard :         ATX, M-ATX
  • System Fan (Front) :                    12cm Ball-Bearing Fan @1500RPM
  • System Fan (Top) : NA
  • System Fan (Rear) :                      12cm Ball-Bearing Fan @1500RPM
  • I/O Ports :               USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE1394x1, HD+AC97 Audio
  • Hand Crafted, Made in Taiwan.
  • Hair-line Brushed Anodized Aluminum Finishing.
  • HDD cage which can fit 4 HDD
  • Side mounted 120mm Fan @1500RPM
  • Rear 120mm Fan @1500RPM
  • Supports Liquid Cooling Systems, with protective rubber covers.
  • Vented PCI Brackets for improved airflow.
  • Anti-Vibration clips.
  • Anti-Vibration grommets
  • Large internal space for PSU, with anti-vibration rubber strips
  • Openings for cable management
  • Secure Lock on the HDD bay door
  • Removable front panel
  • Removable Top Cover
  • Three-speed fan controller
The product:
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The Lian-Li PC-9 Computer case arrived in a fairly non-descript box with no fancy graphics or lists of features/specs. The case itself could be found nestled inside, surrounded by two custom styrofoam inserts. The case arrived from its long trip intact and undamaged.
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Removing the case from the packaging, I first noticed the case’s weight; it is a very light case, thanks to the aluminum construction. As you can see, most of the exterior has a smooth black metal finish of brushed anodized aluminum.  There are no clear ports or other gimmicks sometimes found in cases.  I liked the sophisticated yet understated look of the case.
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Unlike most cases, the PC-9 case has its power switch and front panel ports on the top, which is actually very nice if you locate your computer on the ground or below the desk-level. Opening the hidden panel, we find a generous number of USB ports (4), 1 Firewire, an e-SATA port, nd a headphone/microphone (HD + AC-97). The panel is very easy to access and doesn’t feel flimsy or susceptible to wear.

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