Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo


With flash memory getting cheaper and capacity getting larger, it makes more sense than ever to purchase a new card for your gaming system or for any other device that takes it. What makes these cards special is that they feature free downloadable Xploder Lite software, meaning that they essentially, and I quote, give “you the ability to skip levels, access secret characters, stock up on ammo, and more!”. Lexar sent us these two cards to review, and today I will be finding out if they’re all that they’re cracked up to be.

About Lexar:

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Link to the site (http://www.lexar.com)

A wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc., Lexar Media, Inc. boasts one of the most comprehensive offerings of memory product lines in the industry. We deliver high-quality, award-winning products in every memory category: USB flash drives, all popular form factors of memory cards, DRAM computer memory for PCs and Mac systems, and solid state drives (SSD). We back our products with outstanding customer support and industry-leading warranties, and we strive to expand our offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


SD Card:
• Designed for use with Sony® PlayStation™ 3 (PS3™) and Nintendo Wii
• Includes downloadable Xploder® Lite software
• Ideal for gaming enthusiasts
• High-capacity performance and reliability
• Compatible with all SD-enabled devices
• Five-year limited warranty

Memory Stick PRO Duo:
• Ideal for gaming enthusiasts
• Compatible with Sony® PlayStation Portable (PSP™) and PlayStation 3(PS3™) entertainment systems
• 100% compatible with all Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo devices
• High-capacity performance and reliability
• Limited lifetime warranty

The products:

The SD card:

Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Review

The SD card arrived packaged in the cardboard package as shown above, and the SD card itself is in a plastic casing. As you can see, the packaging tells us the brand and the capacity. The Lexar Gaming Edition SD Card can also be of 1GB capacity.

Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Review Lexar Gaming Edition 2GB SD Card and 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Review

Inside the box, as we can see, is the SD card inside a neat little case, like most cards come in these days, and a small leaflet which is the five year warranty. Oddly enough, and I know it’s not exactly a big problem, but they used a different style of plastic case to that of the Lexar Memory Stick PRO Duo that I also reviewed, and unlike the Memory Stick’s case, it’s fairly hard to open. Why they didn’t use the same clip on idea, I don’t know, but its performance out of the case is the important thing, so I’ll ignore this very petty problem.
The card itself is a standard SD card, with the usual lock that most cards feature so you don’t accidentally overwrite important data. Interestingly I had never noticed that SD cards featured this, although all of my other SD cards have this, I had honestly assumed that the idea of a hard lock had died out with the floppy disk (I always remember selecting lots of documents, trying to copy them to the disk, and being told that it was write protected, so I had to take it out and flick the little switch. Quite an annoyance, if anything, but I do concede it has its uses.)

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