In-Win Commander 850W PSU

Final Test Results and Conclusion

12V testing:

In-Win Commander 850W PSU Review
Similar impressive results for the 12V rail were found.

As you can see, the In-Win Commander 850W PSU delivers solid performance that did not vary greatly under loaded conditions, although the supply did show some slight fluctuations for this voltage. But at these levels it is unlikely that you will notice any instability in the hardware being powered.
The In-Win Commander 850W PSU delivers in all the categories that matter when it comes to choosing a power supply: silent operations, stable performance, and nice looking exterior. And I was impressed by the attention to detail which does help the supply stand out. At ~$200 USD, the PSU is a little on the pricey side, but you do get a lot of features. Overall, its solid design makes it a quality choice for a power supply for any high end or gaming rig.
+ Solid performance
+ Quiet operations
+ Colorful exterior
+ Lots of SATA/PCI-E connectors
+ Comes with nice pouch for cables.
–  A little pricey

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