Icy Box Network Media Server IB-Nas6220


File storage is usually a NAS main feature so we did quite a bit of testing when it comes to file transfer. Locally within our network we were able to transfer files at speeds of up to 50Mb/s, average speed was around 47MB/s.

When it comes to transfers from different locations around town we had speeds of around 5MB/s even though the upload speed of our net is 10Mbit/s so transfer speeds were not bottlenecked by our internet.

Noise wise this device is not loud but it makes a very annoying humming sound from the HDD, even with all the vibration reduction features the humming from the HDD makes it louder than I would personally like.

DynDNS worked great after some tweaking in the firewall, this feature makes it easy to access the NAS from different locations.

We were able to stream 720P and 1080P movie content straight from the NAS to our setups in the same network due to its high transfer speeds.



Looking at our test results we can say that the NAS performs very well but it has its flaws. Humming sound makes this NAS quite loud even with all its vibrations reduction features.

Performance on the other hand is quite nice for a NAS with around 50MB/s transfer speeds on files. Its menu system makes it easy to setup features and allows you to run pretty much anything you need. You can pick this NAS up for around 200$ which is way lower than most competitors NAS devices that support 2 HDD drives.

Overall a very nice piece of equipment that I for sure can recommend if you can live with the humming sound.

+ Easy to use
+ Can be accessed from anywhere
+ 2 HDD support

Humming sound

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