Icy Box IB-NAS5220 NAS

Admin panel:


The admin panel is very logical and easy to use, even the biggest beginner can set this NAS up with the help of the manual that is included.



We tested this NAS with both Fat32 and with Ext2 to see the difference in speed. Tests were performed in 100M network as during the test we did not have access to gigalan.

With Fat32 we got up to 6,56 MB/s and with ext2 we got up to 13,40MB/s in transfer speed. When it comes to noise this NAS is quite noisy and I will give it a go and try to swap the fan if I need to use it again in the future.


This NAS performs pretty good and its small so it takes up very little space. I found the admin panel to work great and it let me easily change settings needed to run the NAS with prefered settings.

Every device has its flaws and this one has a couple that I have noticed so far, for example; the fan is quite loud in my opinion. The performance was decent but I have seen better speeds than what we got with other NAS devices on the market. You can pick this device up for about 100$ which is a good price for a NAS without any HDD’s.

Overall a nice device that is well worth the money, but I would love for them to swap the fan for something more silent.

Easy to use
+ Supports two HDD´s
+ Nice admin panel
+ Price


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