Icy Box IB-NAS5220 NAS

More and more NAS devies make it to the market and they come with more and more features. Today we are taking a look at a NAS from Raidsonic that is equipped with USB ports and printer support. Lets figure out what type of speeds we can get out of this device.

About Raidsonic:

Find out more about Raidsonic on their website, http://www.raidsonic.de/en/home.php


Model: IB-NAS5220-B
Article No.: 52200
EAN Code: 4250078184300
Brand: ICY BOX
Category: NAS
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium
HDD size (inch):
HDD size (inch): 3.5″
HDD size (cm): 8.89 cm
HDD interface: 2x 3.5″ SATA
HDD capacity: 2x up to 2 TB
External data interface: 2x USB 2.0, 1x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet
RS-232: No
Operating system: Windows 98SE/NT/2000/XP/2003/ Vista/7, Linux Redhat/Fedora/Suse, Mac OS 10.2 and later
Server: Samba, FTP, DHCP, Printer Server, BitTorrent, UPnP-AV, iTunes
RAID level: RAID 0, 1, NRaid, JBOD
Data system: EXT2, EXT3, FAT32
Prozessor: Storlink3516, Arm9 300 Mhz
Flash Memory: 16 MB
RAM: 128 MB
Button: Power switch, One Touch Backup, Reset
Power connector: External power supply, AC: 100-240 V, 57 W, DC: 12 V / 3 A, 5 V / 4,2 A
Display/Front panel: No
LED: Power, system, HDD status, USB, network
Packing content: IB-NAS5220-B, Software CD, RJ-45 cable, external power supply, power cord, instruction manual

Packing unit: 6 pcs./carton
Total weight: 16.7 kg/carton
Gross weight (incl. packing): 2.8 kg
Net weight: 1.78 kg
Dimension/carton: 570x420x250 mm
Dimension of packing box: 270x224x130 mm
Dimension of article: 148x116x96 mm
Country of origin: China
Import tax: 84733080

The Product:

Icy Box IB-NAS5220 NAS Icy Box IB-NAS5220 NAS
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Raidsonic are well known for their HDD enclosures and networking products, so it will be interesting to see how their NAS will perform.

The box is colorful with the product picture on the front, on the inside you will find various cables, manuals etc. For example you get a english and dutch manual and also a cd with a manual.

Icy Box IB-NAS5220 NAS Icy Box IB-NAS5220 NAS
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You will also find a power adapter, power cable, LAN cable, and a small zip bag with screws inside the box.

The NAS case is made out of a matte black color with aluminum plates on the sides of the case. Something I noted is that this case is quite small and will fit only two drives as you know but otherwise there is not much space around the drives.

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