Icy Box IB-Mp401Air Streaming Receiver


We have been testing this for awhile and it’s a cool gadget, we have not tested the  Android app but instead used the Apple Airplay with a old iPhone 4 and it still works great.

The volume it is able to boost out is still quite decent and the range if also decent. It gives you about the same range as a normal router.

We had no issues with the unit where we had to reset or anything so I cant find much to complain about, you can pick this up for 39.90€ on the market so it’s an inexpensive price for this interesting gadget.

It makes it very easy to play music from your laptop or smartphone, turn on your wifi on the iPhone and connect to the WIFI signal coming from the streamer and of course hook  it up and you have it running.

+ Easy to use
+ Nice looking
+ Price

Not available in black
– Can’t play straight from USB memory stick


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