Icy Box IB-Mp401Air Streaming Receiver

Icy Box IB-Mp401Air case

I don’t think the unit is available in black which is a shame since most stereo units are in black; although this looks nice also.

Icy Box IB-Mp401Air front

The front has a small “display” that shows when the unit is powered and has a wifi connection.

Icy Box IB-Mp401Air bottom

The bottom is equipped for four rubber pads to prevent it from moving.

Icy Box IB-Mp401Air Streaming Receiver ports

On the back we find the “fun” stuff which includes  a WIFI antenna connector, power, SPDIF, audio and USB and of course a tiny reset button if things screw up.

Icy Box IB-Mp401Air Streaming Receiver

You will find the streamer as a Wifi_music network on your  WIFI network at least on the iPhone. Android users have an app that they can download.

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