Icy Box Big City Vibes IB-HPH2 Headphones

Icy Box Big City Vibes IB-HPH2 Headphone headband

The headband is quite comfortable even after longer periods of gaming, it’s not too thick or too thin either so it does not hurt your head.

Icy Box Big City Vibes IB-HPH2 Headphone earcups

Same goes for the earcups as with the headband, they are comfortable but still not super thick so you don’t get sweaty or get an uncomfortable feeling from wearing them.

Icy Box Big City Vibes IB-HPH2 Headphone jack

The headphone jack is located below one of the earcups which is where most manufacturers place the cable.



I have not had a chance to test these headphones for more than a few days but I am more than happy with them, you can pick them up for around 95$ which in my eyes is a steal.

The sound is excellent both the treble and bass; the bass is very comfortable and keeps up very well even at higher volume, you even feel the headphones shake on your head when you crank up the volume.

They also feel very comfortable on the head and you don’t get to hot with them on due to the a tad thinner earcups, the one thing I wonder is though why you want to run these on battery power? Perhaps devices like smartphones and mp3 players don’t have enough juice to power them enough. One solution would have been to make a storage unit in the second earphone for spare batteries so people can make their own choice; either carry them lighter or have spare batteries.

Overall, light, comfortable headphones that sound great for beeing less than 100$!

Can be folded
+ Price
+ Sound quality
+ Adapters included
+ Comfortable

Batteries to power headphones

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