Hiyatek HY-HB-8700 USB-hub

Our Toughts on the Hiyatek HY-HB-8700 USB-hub

Hiyatek is one of the many manufacturers of USB-peripherals. Their product range includes USB-hubs, USB-mobile racks, notebook coolers, thermal panels and other USB-related products. This time we got an opportunity to have a look at their 7-port USB hub.

About Hiyatek:
Hiyatek International Co. was established in 1998 with high knowledge on R&D, production; self-assembly for computer storage accessorize (PC accessories). Our company located in Shin Chuang City in Taipei, and has over standard reputation in the market by keep providing an excellent quality and best service. We specialize in External Enclosure, Card Reader, Multifunction Transfer Panel, USB2.0 HUB, Notebook Cooling Pad, Mobile Rack, Cooling Fan… and so on.
As a respected leader in computer accessorize industry, we also provide satisfy OEM and ODM service to meet different consumer needs.
With our own factory in China, directly control product quality, and offer the best price for our customers, this is the reason why we can always achieve our goal and we believe in improving ourselves to meet customer needs can win the market. Contact with us to start a long term business, we believe we are able to benefit & extending your business. Don’t hesitate to contact with us. Just do it now.
More information availabe at www.hiyatek.com
-Compliant with USB Specification Rev. 2.0
-7 (Max.) downstream facing parts high-speed (480Mbps), full-speed(12Mbps), and low-speed (1.5Mbps) transaction
-Acrylic panel with sputtered metal film.
-Supports self-powered mode & DC Adapter
-Plug & play and Hot Swapping
– Interface: USB Rev. 2.0, OHCI Rev. 1.0a, EHCI Rev. 0.95
-Power Mode: Self-power mode / DC adaptor
-Dimension: 93.5 x 45 x 15 ( L x W x D ) mm
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USB-hub was delivered in traditional plastic package which shows the product itself on the front side. With the hub you can see also the basic information about the product. Hub is backwards compatible with USB1.1 like all USB-hubs I’ve encountered so far. HB-8700 is also compatible with all operating systems supporting standard USB-devices.
Backside of the packet shows us more detailed info about the product with the picture of it showing us where the usb-ports are located. There is also some info about operating and storage temperatures and a mention that power supply unit is included within.
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Opening the packet was no problem and inside we found the USB-hub itself along with a brief manual, connecting cable to computer and a power supply unit. It is nice to see that Hiyatek has provided the power supply with their USB-hub as seven USB-devices can drain more than 500mA power which is the limit of a single USB-slot in computers.
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As mentioned earlier, the device has 8-ports, one for connecting it to computer and seven to connect your favorite USB-devices. Four of the ports are located on the otherside of the product and other side has three downstream ports plus the port for connecting hub to PC. HB-800 has also a stand for anyone who does not prefer to have their USB-hub on their table in vertical position. However the stand could be a bit heavier in order to keep hub from collapsing when using many USB-devices connected to the same side of the hub.
Testing the Hiyatek HY-HB-8700 USB-hub
Our test setup for Hiyatek HB-8700 was following:
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 3GHz
MSI P43 motherboard
4x2Gb DDR2 800MHz
Samsung 640Gb Hard disk
Ati Radeon 3870
In our tests we saw no performance difference using the hub or plugging the single device directly to computer. However there is something to keep in mind. As plugging many devices to the hub the 480MBps speed-limit specified in USB2.0 standard is shared between all the devices plugged to USB-hub. That’s something to keep in mind if you intend to plug many hard disks to the hub. The speed limit is not going to be an issue with printers, usb memory sticks, mouses, keyboards etc tho. The power supply unit came in handy after plugging one 2.5″ USB hard disk to the hub. The drive worked fine as long as i putted couple of USB memory sticks, mouse and keyboard to the hub. After those the 500mA provided by my computers USB-slot just wasn’t enough, not to mention if you put more than one USB-hard drive to the hub.
Hiyatek was a new manufacturer to me. Therefore I had no expectations about the product and its quality. I am positively suprised tho. The product was high quality and did the things I expected it to do. You can easily use seven USB-devices with it and the power supply will provide enough power to easily connect couple of USB-hard drives to your computer.
+ Easy to use
+ Power supply provided
–  Stand could be a bit heavier

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