Hawking HWRN1A Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Router

Testing and Conclusion

Hawking HWRN1A Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Router Hawking HWRN1A Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Router
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Taking a closer look at the router, we find a simple yet elegant router with a curved shape on one side. The all-white color of the router is different than your typical black-looking network appliance. The front of the router provides a series of message LEDs that provide a quick status on the network and the router.
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Looking at the top of the router, we see the 4 outgoing ports for the wired connections (LAN ports) and the incoming Internet port (WAN port). There are also 3 ports for the included antennas to attach. The antennas articulate in every direction, providing a way to optimize the wireless signal.
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The hardware part of installing a router is fairly easy; simply plug in the power, the incoming Internet/WAN signal, and the wired connections to the router. I liked how the router comes with mounting stands/brackets that allow you to mount the router in a variety of orientations. The included quick-start guide has very easy to follow directions.
While the hardware installation is easy, the software is usually the hardest part of setting up a network. I’ve installed a lot of wireless routers over the past few years and have had more than my fair share of headaches that comes with them. Many older routers require you to install special software/drivers and require a significant amount of tweaking.
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Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very easy to set up the wireless network using the Hawking HWRN1A router. After I inserted the start-up CD, the installation program led me through all the configuration settings I wanted (including encryption) and then programmed the router accordingly.
Once I got my wireless network settings set up, which for me usually includes setting up a WPA password, an SSID, and MAC address filtering, I was able to immediately establish a wireless connection with the router. After restarting the modem to reset the DHCP server, I was blissfully surfing the Internet and transferring files at much higher speeds than my previous 802.11g router, especially between computers. Overall, this router was a breeze to set up and didn’t require any great technical steps.
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You can also further configure my network by logging into the router via a web interface, which still was very easy and didn’t require a lot of knowledge about wireless connections. Configuring the router is all web-based, and information about each option is provided on the right-window. One of the coolest things I saw was the preprogrammed port settings for various games. For example, World of Warcraft requires a certain set of network ports to be opened to play the game. Instead of having to type every one of them in, you can simply choose “World of Warcraft” from a pull-down menu and all of the ports are already filled in for you.
There are also handy content filtering features, such as blocking access to sites during certain times (or all the time) and logs of all websites visited. These are very handy features, especially for parents wanting to keep an eye on their children’s Internet usage.
The Hawking HWR1NA Wireless 802.11n router is a very easy to install product that has a great design. The router is small compared to some routers on the market yet has large LEDs displaying status. But more importantly, it is a breeze to install and maintain and provides a number of unique router functions that make managing your network a snap. Whether you’re looking to start up your first wireless network or upgrade an existing one, this router provides a good foundation for it.
+ Easy to read LEDs
+ User-friendly software interface
+ Simple installation
+ Comes pre-programmed for variety of gaming network settings
– None so far

Hawking HWRN1A Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Router

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