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The included Maurus software package installed perfectly, and easily; although for some reason it did require a reboot.  It supports up to 3 profiles, easily selected from any of the settings menus, or unlimited profiles saved as .ini files on the local machine.  I did have what I thought was some buggy code/latency in the software when changing certain settings.  I realized a short time later, that the settings I was changing were actually being written to the mouse itself.  This is an awesome feature as you can set up your mouse the way you want and take it with you.  Every setting in fact can be associated with the mouse settings from the software client, and then you can take your mouse on the go.  I added a few relatively complex macros through the easy to use macro record function, was able to save them to the mouse, and fire them up instantly on my laptop; with no additional drivers installed.  Very cool.



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I tried the game out on a variety of games in both the FPS/RTS space, as the mouse is advertised at showing proficiency in both.  The ability to switch sensitivity on individual axis makes for some very interesting tailoring.  For example, you can have your character whip around corners; but track slower on the X axis for dialing in a perfect head shot.  This, independent of the overall mouse speed is extremely powerful.  Admittedly, you’d have to be an incredibly competitive player to take advantage of these features; but they did make my slightly above average gameplay better.

On RTS, which is my preferred gaming style the Macro function really shined.  Having a profile dedicated to Starcraft, and a different profile for Starcraft II (due to resolution differences) was incredibly handy.  Being able to use different macros on both was even better.  The combination of programming software, and having the macro loaded on the device worked without a hitch; and I could clearly execute faster during game play.  This truly did improve my performance in multiple battles!


This is a budget friendly first entrant into the gaming mouse arena.  It’s comfortable, configurable, and accurate.  These are the true criteria for success in the gaming peripherals category.  In Windows, the device worked well in most every way.  I wish the scroll wheel had a free spin mode, but that was about my only complaint.

The device is relatively small compared to standard mice.  Those with smaller hands will actually find this incredibly comfortable, as did one of our test subjects.  I have rather large hands, and it still felt comfortable during a marathon session of SCII.

All in all, I would recommend this device as a great middle of the line entry into the world of high end gaming mice.


+ Price

+ Comfortable for small hands

+ Incredible customization, and precision

+ Ambidextrous

+ Stores configuration on mouse, travels light


– Scroll wheel

– Larger hands may prefer bigger/heavier mouse


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