GX Gaming, by Genius: Maurus Professional FPS/RTS Gaming Mouse


The Maurus arrives in a very fancy, full color,  multi-fold carton.  There is luminescent paint for the brand and the product icon, which is a scorpion in an aggressive stance.  Seriously, if you ever wonder why there is such a price difference between OEM/White box pc parts vs. retail box, this is an example.  This is an expensive piece of cardboard.  It does look nice, and as far as Taiwanese products go; there is minimal “Engrish” on the packaging.


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The box has fairly minimal contents:  Mouse, CD, and a Color multi-lingual instruction manual.  Again, expensive cardboard.

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The Mouse:

The mouse itself is an ambidextrous design.  Looking at it in the box, I really didn’t think I’d care for it personally; as I’m right handed, and I’m accustomed to my existing high end pointing device already.  That being said, upon handling the unit, I was surprised at the comfort the ambi design allows.  I have  huge hands, and while this device is smaller than normal desktop mice (see comparison); it’s actually quite comfortable.

The unit is finished in a combination of high gloss black on the top/buttons, and a matte black base.  When you look at the base, you expect it to be a rubber like finish, as most mice are nowadays.  This is a personal preference thing.  I like the rubber feel, but I have heard of sweaty palmed types not being a fan.

There are a total of 5 buttons, the traditional L/R mouse clicks, a set of back/forward buttons on each side; and the clickable scroll wheel.  All of the buttons feel great, are very responsive, and fast.  I mention fast, as for some reason when using the mouse side-by-side with my existing wireless mouse; I noticed the clicking action was more responsive.  I have never noticed lag on my other mice before today.  It was an unusual discovery for me, almost like your first time playing on a super fast refresh display; after being on an old clunker before.

The cable is a nylon braided affair, with a built in Velcro cable wrap, it’s serious quality, and appears built to last.  The 1.8M length gives a ton of room to route it any way you want.  The connector is also big, substantial, and very easy to plug in.  It’s like the size of a thumb drive big.  I actually really appreciate this  opposed to dinky connectors I cannot get a solid grip on.  This is more or less what every PC Peripheral cable should be built like.

The mouse itself uses a white LED to backlight both the GX Gaming logo, as well as the translucent scroll wheel.  You can set this to on/off/pulsing in the included SW package.  This is again a taste preference type of thing, and I’m glad you can choose to disable it all together, if you are not a gaming in the dark kind of person.

On packaging the mouse claims to be weighted.  I’ll tell you in experience, the mouse feels light.  I’d actually prefer if they double or tripled the heft.  I also wish the scroll wheel had more weight, and the ability to free-spin; like some other high end mice do.  This one is solid, and tactile, but forget using it to scroll through a 90 page document.

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