GX Gaming, by Genius: Maurus Professional FPS/RTS Gaming Mouse

We have an interesting product to take a look at today, it is making its entrance into the now crowded pro gaming mouse genre.  This is the first product I’ve seen from GX Gaming.  GX Gaming is the gaming arm of parent company KYE Systems; who operate under the Genius trade name.  I know that’s a a mouthful, but it bears explanation as most of you will have no doubt, never heard of GX Gaming.  Suffice it to say, Genius/KYE make a LOT of peripherals elsewhere in the world; and likely have white labeled some of the products you HAVE used, albeit under a different name.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to it.

About GX Gaming:

Website: http://www.gx-gaming.com/

As the demand for mice, keyboards and headsets is increasing in the gaming market, players continue to place great emphasis on customizable and ergonomic hardware peripherals. With the advantage of being a leading peripherals manufacturer, Genius has created the GX Gaming series, in 2011, to develop specialized and customizable peripherals including mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers and mouse pads for professional gamers.

The Scorpion is employed as the spiritual symbol for the GX Gaming Series. The Scorpion, spawned from the frenzied flames burning throughout the underworld, has been through tremendous trials and tribulations and has risen from the burning embers as an immortal being. And so, with the GX Gaming Series, players can easily conquer all challenges that are cast their way just like the immortal Scorpion. The GX Gaming Series is developed with different gaming attributes in mind, such as MMORPG – (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), RTS – (Real Time Strategy) and FPS –( First Person Shooter), to provide unique and customizable hardware setups. Therefore, players are armed with the hardcore hardware needed to ascend to the top of the competitive player rankings.

Genius expects to extend on the breadth and depth of its hardware peripherals in the gaming market to supply strategic weapons and gear for the competitive professional gamer, and continue to evolve and design GX Gaming products based on market expectations.

Product Features:

  • Braided USB Cable
  • 450/900/1800/3500 DPI
  • Built-in 20 gram metal weight
  • User defined brightness and pulsation
  • Patented Magic Roller
  • SG Core i – 6400 FPS Frame Rate, 20Gs Accel, 60 IPS Velocity, 1-5mm Detection Level
  •  Two instant shift macros (P1 to P2., P1 to P3)
  •  On board memory enabled
  •  Sleeping mode: disabled
  •  USB data format: 16 Bits
  •  Button lifecycle: up to 8 million
  •  Weight of click button: 50-90g
  •  Noise level of click button: Less then 50dB
  •  3u gold-plated 1.8m braided USB cable
  •  Resolution (dpi): 100-5700 dpi (user adjustable)

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