Gskill F3-12800Cl7T Tri channel kit

Testing time


Intel Core i7 920
MSI X58 Motherboard
Geforce 9800GT
Crucial 64GB SSD
Nexus NX-5000 PSU

We used the following software for our testing; Sisoft Sandra 2009, SuperPi, Pcmark Vantage, and Everest Ultimate. For overclocking we used bios.

Sisoft Sandra 2010, Memory bandwidth:

Gskill F3-12800Cl7T Tri channel kit

Looking at the memory benchmark we can see a small difference between the Corsair TR3x6g1600c7 kit and the Gskill. The Mushkin on the other hand is way behind in this specific test.

Sisoft Sandra 2010, Memory Latency:

Gskill F3-12800Cl7T Tri channel kit

In the latency test the results are supposed to be as low as possible, the Gskill has the lowest latency and speed in this test.

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