GMC H-80 Case

Lighting & Conclusion


Red is the major color used in lighting of the GMC H-80. Not only do two of the fans contain red LEDs, but also the front LED panel uses red for the hard drive activity light, as well as for temperature reporting. The only deviation from red is the blue power indicator LED, also on the front LED panel. The side 250mm LED fan is very impressive to see in person and really gives the case some character.

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GMC H-80   CaseGMC H-80   Case
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The GMC H-80 certainly lives up to GMC’s vision of extreme cooling performance while being unique. The best part of the case though, is that it manages all this while being very quiet. The use of a few large fans, rather than many smaller ones is to thank for this. This is not a case that I would want in my room simply because I feel the lights would be distracting at night, but the sound levels would not keep me awake.
Overall, the case is built well. The toolless design for installing drives is a nice touch, as well as the included caddy for the drive rails and screws.

+ Quiet case
+ Lots of airflow
+ Unique appearance
+ Cable routing holes in motherboard tray
+ Motherboard cut out for CPU heatsink access
– Fingerprints collect easily on front bezel
– Front bezel slightly flimsy
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