GMC H-80 Case


GMC H-80  Case GMC H-80  Case

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The interior is painted flat black, which gives a nice appearance, but seems like a strange choice considering the case does not feature a window. Let’s start with the left side panel, and the 250mm fan. You can see the two vents towards the front of the panel, as well as the fan and fan filter. The fan itself is branded as a GMC model number A22030L12S.

Looking straight into the left side of the case we can already see a few of the features of the case, such as the motherboard tray punch out for easy CPU heatsink mounting, cable routing holes, and removable 3.5” drive enclosure. These features will make for an easy and tidy looking build.

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Moving down, we can see the supports for the power supply are rubber stoppers which will eliminate any vibrations from transferring to and from the case and power supply. A fan filter is provided for the power supply’s fan, but in order to access it the power supply must first be removed. Another, unfiltered, 120mm fan mount is provided forward of the power supply mounts. Just next to this fan mount is the removable five bay 3.5” hard drive caddy. Providing the hard drives with cool, fresh air is a 120mm red LED fan mounted just in front of the drive caddy.

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In the rear/top of the case, we can see the two included 120mm fans. The top has it’s own space so as not to interfere with the motherboard space, most notably for CPU heatsink installation and removal. Just below the rear fan we can see the two rubber grommets for water cooling hose pass-through, as well as the removable expansion slot covers.
In the front of the case, we can see the Multiport module connections. These all use removable connectors so if anything happens to any of the wires, they can be replaced without having to solder on the board.

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Included in one of the 5.25” drives is a nifty caddy that contains drive rails for each different drive size, screws, a motherboard speaker, and a 4pin 12VATX extender that is about 6” long.

GMC  H-80  Case GMC  H-80  Case

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