GMC H-80 Case



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The front of the case is very interesting. At the top we can see the reset and power buttons that surround a LED screen. Later, we will see that this screen displays the power indicator, temperature, and hard drive activity.

Below that, we can see what GMC calls the Multiport. In the Multiport, there is an eSATA port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, audio port, and an optional Firewire port.

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Under the Multiport, there are two stealthed 5.25” drive bays. Followed by unstealthed 5.25” and 3.5” drive bays.
Finally, we see the bling on the front of the case: the 120mm red LED fan. A translucent plastic grill, bearing the GMC logo, covers this fan. Hidden behind this grill is a removable, washable fan filter. The grill snaps at the bottom and flips up to allow increased airflow, as well as to allow access to the fan filter.
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Moving on to the left side of the case shows what this case is really all about: all out cooling performance. The large 250mm red LED fan is housed on this side behind a washable fan filter. Fore of the large fan, there are 2 vents that add to the flair of the case.
The left side of the case has a nice embossed pattern that breaks up the space. At the top of the case is a ‘cooling tower’ that houses a 120 mm fan. This extra hump on the exterior gives extra space inside the case, which is really nice when installing CPU heatsinks.

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Moving to the rear of the case, we see a somewhat standard layout. A 120mm fan in the upper right provides exhaust airflow. Just below that are two holes protected by rubber grommets that are intended for watercooling tubing use.  The expansion slots are covered using removable metal covers, not the snap out metal pieces. The power supply sits at the bottom of this case to aid in overall cooling.

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