GlacialTech GP-AL 650A Powersupply

Testing and Conclusion

Intel QX6700 CPU
Asus P5K3 Deluxe
Corsair Twinx3x2048-1600 DDR3

Western Digital Caviar 16Mb SATA HDD
OCZ GameXstream 700W

Testing was done with a multimeter, idle voltages were taken while idling in windows and full load was taken while looping 3dmark loops.

3,3V Rail:
GlacialTech GP-AL 650A Powersupply Review

The 3.3V rail was rock stable during our whole testing phase, we were not able to get it to flicker at all even under very heavy load.

5V Rail:
GlacialTech GP-AL 650A Powersupply Review

The 5V on the other hand flickered between 5.03-5.04 which is within the acceptable levels. I was hoping I would not see any flickering but I guess thats the issue with most powersupplies on the market.

12V Rail:
GlacialTech GP-AL 650A Powersupply Review

The 12V rail on the other hand was rock stable also so our tests have shown that the PSU is quite stable on all rails and within the limits the manufacturers has said it should be.

This is a really cool PSU, although it scared me when the fan did not turn on when the rest of setup had already logged in to Windows. I then read about the smart function which will keep the fan speed as low as possible to lower the noise. I have not found any official price for this but if we look at other Glacialtech PSU´s we see that the price is a tad below other competitors. The performance was rock stable and the noise levels as said are VERY low. Overall I am more than happy with it and the only con is the availability at the moment.

+ Silent
+ Smart fan
+ Well packed
+ High quality

– Availability

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