Gigabyte Ga7vt600


Date 2003-10-09
Provider: Gigabyte
Author: BigMan
Editor: Princess Ammie

Gigabyte Ga7vt600


Gigabyte Ga7vt600 Gigabyte Ga7vt600
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Gigabyte Ga7vt600 Gigabyte Ga7vt600
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The Bios is the Phoneix award bios that we are familiar with nowadays since most motherboards come with this. I decided to take about 4 different pictures to show the most important parts of the Bios. As we can see on the bottom left picture there is not alot to play around with when it comes to overclocking. I don’t know what Gigabyte has done with these features because they used to have very overclocker friendly boards. Otherwise the Bios is very user friendly and has most settings you could ever think of even needing.


We did the overclocking on the following rig:
AMD XP 2200+
Gigabyte Ga7vt600
256 mb DDR Crucial PC3200
IBM 60GXP 60 gb harddrive
Gefroce 3 TI 200
Liteon 16*10*40 cd burner

As we saw earlier we are going to have to overclock with the settings that the bios gives us and there is not much to go on.We can not show any timings since the bios does not allow us to change any timing settings. We got the FSB up to 208 mhz and the it stopped totally even after pushing up both the memory and cpu voltage. This board is missing some overclocking features.


This board is stable and comes with most of the features you need. It got SATA, Lan, Sound, USB2 etc. I personally feel that this board is missing some features as overclocking which is a important part of a motherboard these days. It performs well and is even faster than Nforce 2 from time to time. I feel that this board would be perfect for people that want performance but yet don’t require the overclocking capabilities. The manuals were great and easy to understand. The Kt600 is fast and I wait with excitment for the new chipset from VIA. It’s going to be fun to see how it competes with Nforce 3. All in all we give this board 4 out of 5 for a stable board which performs well.


+ Stable
+ Good manuals
+ Performs well


– Missing overclocking features
– Does not come with rounded IDE cables

Red&Blackness gives it 4 out of 5 dots

Gigabyte Ga7vt600

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