Func Surface 1030 XL mousepad

Func Surface 1030 XL mousepad smooth surface

Here we have a shot of the Steelseries Sensei gaming mouse on the 1030XL, we can see that there is plenty of space even with a fairly big mouse like the Sensei.


I have used the mousepad for awhile now; both for normal daily usage by the computer and also for gaming.

I am more than satisfied with the results, the mousepad suits perfect with the two mice I have used for testing and the slide is just excellent. I would go as far as saying that this might end up being THE best mousepad of 2013.


You can pick this mousepad up at Newegg for 40$ which is a tad spendy in my eyes but remember you get two different surfaces so in my eyes it’s worth it.

This is one of the best mousepads, if not the best mousepad I have ever tested. It is easy to clean and the surface is supurb to game on.

If they could drop the priceanother 5$ this would easily be the best bang for the buck mousepad on the market but I guess you can’t ask for everything 🙂

Awesome glide
+ Two mousepads in one
+ Stays in place
+ Very easy to clean

None that I found this far

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  1. Greg Zeng says

    How easily does it, in case you spill Coke etc onto it?

  2. Those who are looking for a comfortable mousepad, this is one good one. However, due to some circumstances which I haven’t found out yet, I realize my high-end LASER mouses cannot smoothly track movement on this pad. The cursor will, once in a while, shake/go off the intended direction. I do not know if my mouse is too sensitive or the pad doesn’t allow for efficient tracking, but I’m totally fine with lower-end OPTICAL mouses on this mousepad.

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