Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

No weights on this mouse, to get an ultimate gaming mouse you need to have weights but Func decided not to use that feature. Weight wise it feels good to me; but I’m sure if they wanted a broader market weights would have been a benefit.

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse size


Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse software

When it comes to the software they have done a great job, it is easy to navigate in and change features.

You can in the first tab play around with the DPU settings and lift of distance etc.

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse software

The second tab lets you configure the buttons to your liking, a very nice and easy dropdown menu is setup for each button.

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse software

Colors can also be played around with in the third tab and you can fix macros in the Macro editor which I did not include in the review. 

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  1. Hey! What do you think the possibilitys to change the hardware (mouse sensor) for another one, better is?

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