Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse left buttons

The left side of the mouse is equipped with FOUR ! As for the buttons, you have two normal thumb buttons and also a button on the thumb rest and in between. The in between button that is round is a tad to far forward so I can’t really reach it with my small hands. It should be fine though for people with bigger hands or longer fingers.

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse left buttons

They also have a cool little logo on the front left side of the mouse.

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse scroll wheel

In the middle they have placed two buttons and a nice scroll wheel that you get a nice grip of and it is also easy to scroll with. On the right mouse button they have also placed a button, something that I have not seen before. The same thing goes here, if you have longer fingers or a big hand this will be perfect but with small hands it is hard to reach.

Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse

The right side is shaped so your pinky and ringfinger can rest on the mouse itself, I like it but it’s hard to get used to at first. With mouserate checker we were able to get a average of 999Hz so excellent results there also.

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  1. Hey! What do you think the possibilitys to change the hardware (mouse sensor) for another one, better is?

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