FSP Power Mod 700W Power Supply

Our First Toughts On The Power Mod

Choosing a power supply can be a tough choice, with a wide range of suppliers and features for each unit. While power output is important, there are other factors such as efficiency, noise, and even looks that are equally as important. Today we’ll be looking at a 700W power supply from FSP, the FSP Power Mod 700W PSU, which has been designed with performance in mind. Will this power supply prove to be a good balance of all the factors that make a good power supply? Let’s find out.

About FSP:
Check out their website, http://fspgroupusa.com
Founded in 1993, FSP group, Taoyuan, Taiwan has rapidly grown into becoming a global power supplier, a publicly traded company listed in Taiwan exchange, symbol :: 30.15.tw, with revenues exceeding $300 million USD. As one of the top-10 global power supply companies worldwide, FSP group is the leading volume supplier of desktop PC ATX power supply. In recent years, FSP group has expanded its R&D and manufacturing capabilities to becoming one of the major power conversion supplier of adapters, industrial PCs, servers, LCD monitor, and LCD | plasma TV, partnering with many strategic manufacturers.
700-watt | ATX 2.2 | EPS 2.91 | SLI certified
Supports multi-core AMD/Intel CPU system
Modular cable management system w/meshed wire
120mm ball-bearing cooling fan
Advanced circuitry design | ultra efficiency @80%+
Tri PCI -express output | 1×6-pin | 2×8-pin
Energy saver standby mode @ 1-watt
Thermal control system linked to fan
Thermal coated (metallic grey) casing
Secure on/off power switch
Cooling Fan(s): Single, 120mm ball-bearing with Thermal Sensor Linked
Total Power Output: 700W Total Continuous @ 30°C
AMD/ATI Crossfire Support: YES
Modular Cable: YES
MTBF: 100,000 HOURS @ Typical
Product Size: Unit: 5.88”Wx6.50”Dx3.38”H | Packaging: 9.25”W x 4.50”L x 7.25”H
Product Weight: 5.0 lbs
The product:
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The FSP Power Mod 700W power supply (PSU) arrived in a blue and grey color package with a nice picture of supply depicted on the front. The front, sides, and rear all provide information about the supply, highlighting some of the important features like quad 12V rails, 3X PCI-E, and its modular design.
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Opening up the package, the PSU can be found somewhat loosely secured in a bubblewrap container; not the best from a packaging standpoint if you ask me. Along with the power supply, the package contains screws, modular power cables, and the AC power cable.
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This supply is a “hybrid modular” supply (my phrase), in that it has some cables (the 24pin motherboard cable, 4+4 power cable, and 6 pin cable) hard wired to the supply. But the other cables are modular, in that they can be connected/disconnected depending on your bubild. This is a fairly smart design, as every build uses the motherboard cable; this setup allows better efficiency for that connection.
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The modular cables are nicely color-coded depending on type (SATA vs. Molex vs. PCI-E), which is a nice touch that can help when building a computer. The FSP Power Mod support 5 molex/4-pin connectors, 3 SATA 4-pin connectors, 2 SATA 5-pin connectors, 1 PCI-E 6 pin, 2 PCI-E 8 Pin, and a 4 pin FDD connector. I was a little disappointed with the small number (5) of the molex/4-pin connectors; most supplies have around 8 connectors. This can be a hindrance if you have a lot of fans or other peripherals to connect.

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