Evercool Transformer 4

In the idle speed tests the Transformer 4 scores the worst idle temperatures in all three CPU speeds. This isn’t brilliant news but let’s see what have happened in load tests.

Evercool Transformer 4

The load tests, both the default and over clocked speed test results clearly show that the Transformer 4 beats the competition at all speeds.

Here are the fan speeds that were recorded with the AIDA64 utility:

Evercool Transformer 4

Unpacking video:

Value & Conclusion:

When looking at product quality the Evercool Transformer 4 is well designed. It offers a unique appearance. However it is somewhat too shiny but it is matter of taste. I must say it lacks the extra touch such as rubber mounts and one universal Intel&AMD backplate instead of two back plates but that’s just my opinion.

On the design matter Evercool used a common approach: an aluminum-fins tower shape body, copper heat pipes, Heatpipe Direct Touch base and two 120mm fans in ‘push-pull’ setup. Nothing exceptional here. The Transformer 4 comes with a little arsenal of mounting parts. However the four point, back plate assisted screw down method is always easy and quick enough.

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With the fans at maximum speed most people will find it very noisy. The noise level is declared under 17 dBA, however this can be achieved only at default CPU speed where it performs lower. At high CPU speed is where the Transformer 4 excels and most of us intend to use it. So overclockers and high TDP cpu users please enjoy your transformation!

+ Heat pipes in direct contact with the IHS (great heat transfer),
+ Effective mounting mechanism,
+ Unique silver-chrome appearance,
+ Very good performance,
+ Compatible with almost all CPU sockets
+ No backplate needed

– The first DIMM slot can be blocked,
– Idle performance
– Noisy fans

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