Evercool Serpent Northbridge Chip Cooler

Testing the Evercool Serpent

One of the main problems with various motherboard’s northbridge cooler is the small heatsink with little fan at 5000rpm. Fan at such speed makes high noise making use of computer very uncomfortable, not to mention the situation where the fan stops at all making the northbridge to overheat and possibly break due it. Evercool was kind enough to provide us their newest northbridge cooler called Serpent.

About Evercool:
EVERCOOL is headquartered in Taiwan and has its own factory located in Guang Dong China. This means that you can count on availability, as EVERCOOL warehouse is full of components and ready to ship goods, at all times.
Our China factory occupy approximate 30,000 meters, there are around 1000 employees. Our production line produces about 2.5 million pieces per month at present, which are manufactured in accordance with the approvals of ISO 9001, therefore you can be guaranteed your special request will be completed in the shortest amount of time. Growing numbers of happy customers such as Hewlett Packard, Acer, FIC. ….etc. can weigh our success and growth. It is rely on our steady quality, fast delivery and reasonable price.
EVERCOOL provides the very best products of the highest quality which are cost effective and incorporate the latest in technology and technical design. And backed by first class service and support.
We would like to emphasize that we put our entire strengths on the research and improvement of our innovative “PC Thermal Solutions” and ensure you that we do our best to meet the needs of our customers.
More information can be found at www.evercool.com.tw
Dimensions: 60 x 36 x 94 mm
Fan size: 60 x 60 x 10 mm
Fan speed: 3200with 10% tolerance
Noise level: <25dBa
Bearing type: Ever lubricate bearing
Rated voltage: 12 VDC
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Serpent is packed in plastic cover. Front side of the packet shows the product itself and also some advertisement about the cooler. “The unique U type heat pipe is better than L type to strengthen heat distribution” – is what is written in the packet. Thats something that might be correct, since many of current manufacturers use U shaped heat pipe in their products. Backside of the packet shows us some features dna specifications about the cooler.
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Inside the packet we find the cooler itself with a fan attached to it. There is also some thermal combound provided and the required stuff in order to get the cooler attached to motherboard. However unfortunately we do not find any kind of manual. Lack of manual is something we find disappointing, since not everyone can install coolers without some kind of description how to do it.
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The cooler itself is made from 27 aluminium plates and one U-shaped heatpipe attached to the base. The fan is attached to cooler with 4 screws. The surface of the cooler isnt finalized as well as it could be, but in normal use you should not find any difference between well finalized glossy surface and a bit rougher surface.
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The cooler is quite easy to install in to motherboard. However you should keep in mind, that removing the motherboards original cooler will void its warranty. Cooler is attached with two plastic fasteners.
Testing the Serpent northbridge chip cooler:
Specifications of the test machine:
Motherboard: MSI P6NGM
CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400
Memory 2x 2GB PQI DDR2 800MHz
Graphics: Integrated Nvidia Geforce graphics
Hard disk: Samsung 80Gig ATA drive
With MSI:s original cooler we measured 59c degrees temperatures from the northbridge and the heatsink was very hot. When we attached the Serpent to the motherboard, we saw huge temperature drops. Even at high load, we could not measure more than 46c degree temperatures from the northbridge. We decided to test the serpent without the fan too. We found out that even without the fan, serpent is more powerful than the original heatsink. Without the fan, temperature under load was 56c degrees.
Priced at about 17USD we see the serpent as a very good product for its purpose. It lowers the northbridges temperatures a lot and in best scenarios it might make your computer to live a bit longer. The noise level of the fan was not very bad, you can definately hear it. On the other hand, fan noise was not too bad for daily use and it definately was lower than some northbridge coolers that can be found on many motherboards.
+ Will fit in almost every motherboard with mounting holes
+ Good performance compared to motherboards own cooler
–  No manual

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