Enermax LuxuRay Case

Finding a good miditower case on the market can be hard, there are a variety of different cases which claim they are the best. Enermax is known for their high quality cases and today we are taking a look at the LuxuRay case to see what type of quality we can expect. Will this be a winner and possibly your next choice for a future case? lets find out!

About Enermax:

Read more on their website, http://www.enermax.com/home.php?fn=eng/about_a


Transparent black acryl and black interior for the most stylish look
Front panel vents on both sides and bottom for enhanced airflow
Front 12cm Blue/Red/Green combo-LED VEGAS fan included

• Independent light control for easy color and mode changes (up to 14 modes)
• Patented circular type LED fan with 36(3×12) diodes shines up to three times brighter than other LED fans
• Patented Twister Bearing for long lifetime and low noise
• Detachable fan blades for easy cleaning
Easy Installation
• Tool-less ODD and HDD installation

• 4x thumbscrews for easy side panel access• M/B tray with cut-out for the easiest access to the rear of CPU heatsinks
Compliant with mainstream cooling system
• Front:1x12cm Blue/Red/Green Combo-LED VEGAS fan included
• Side:2x12cm fan (optional)
• Top:1×14/12cm fan (optional)
• Rear:1x12cm fan included
Bottom mounted PSU with washable dust filter for easy cleaning
Cable management for easy cable routing
Openings on rear for external water-cooling system
VGA card support up to 310mm length
Retained space for 2.5” SSD/HDD installation

The Product:

Enermax LuxuRay Case Enermax LuxuRay Case
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At a first note this case looks quite plain and has nothing “special” to it, but lets keep on going with the review. I think there will be a few nice features that you will come to appreciate.

Enermax LuxuRay Case Enermax LuxuRay Case
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On the front of the case you will find a light control, e-SATA, USB, and sound plugins for easy access. The back of the case is equipped with an exhaust fan that is 120 mm big.

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  1. Blink182 says

    nice case, wanna one.

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