Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone


We see more and more people canceling their phone numbers and starting to use Skype and similar programs out there. For these programs special phones have been thrown into the market, personally I even got myself a cordless one which saves me quite a bit of money, but today we have a USB phone that Eksitdata sent us for review. This is a corded USB phone with a display. With this you can make calls through Skype just like with any phone out there. Check out this review as we go through the cons and pros when it comes to this phone.

About Eksitdata:

EksitData is a company in Varberg that was founded in the fall of 1997. Our clientele comprises everybody from the home user to government offices. We only operate on the internet and can therefore keep our expenses on a low level. The products on this homepage are only a selection of the most frequently sold ones. We are retailers for the leading brands in the computer section.


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The product:

Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone
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THe product came packed in this white box with the name printed in the middle, on the back on the other hand you have a picture and some information about the product iself. There are several VOIP phones out there and it will be interesting to see how this actually work sound quality wise.

Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone
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The phone comes with a cd with drivers and a plugin on the cd so you can use this phone with Skype. The phone is like a small cellphone and weighs nothing as it holds no batteries. The phone is powered up through the USB port. A manual is included on the cd also or on the website, I doubt it will be needed though as this phone is very basic and easy to use. The buttons are made out of rubber and are not hard to push down so even older people can take advantage of this phone.

Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone
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Width wise the phone is about 2 cm so not even a inch thick. It almost feels like a little kids toy due to the weight. On the back you got a small sticker with some information.

Eksitdata VOIP (Skype) USB phone
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What I do miss is a led on in the display to light the display up, it’s hard to see the dark black numbers in the dark with no light in the display, this is just a minor thing though but something alot of people do miss I believe. On the display you can see the date, time, and the year and when you push in the numbers they also come up on the display as in the Skype software.


Well we did some testing with this phone and we used Skypeout to call from USA to Sweden. Sound quality was ok and we had clear sound when talking, even though the call receiver had a echo for a few seconds on the other standard phone. The only weird sounds I heard was when it connects you get metallic click sound which dissapears as soon as soon as the other person picks the phone up. Otherwise this phone worked fine and we are quite satisfied with it.

I have to admit that VOIP phones are the future as they save money and still gives you near to perfect phone functions. This one works well even though it has a few small flaws on it. First we have the clicking sound which is quite annoying and then I am missing a volume button on the phone I would like a volume button placed on it just to make it easier to lower or raise the volume. Soundwise when you talk the phone works great and there is plenty of cord to sit by the computer and talk on this phone. It does not weigh barely anything and you got a nice display with clear numbers even though it does not light up. The price of this phone is about 50$ which is pretty decent when other phones cost even more than that. It seems like the click sound might just be on this unit since according to the reseller they have got no returns of this phone. Overall we give this phone 3 out of 5 for a good phone with clear sound which might be a top seller with some minor tweaks.


+ Small
+ Lightweight
+ Easy to use
+ Big numbers on display


– No light on display
– Metallic clicking sound
– No volume button on phone

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