Eagle Tech Arion Soundstage Speaker System

Testing and Conclusion

What’s Included:

Eagle Tech Arion Soundstage Speaker System Eagle Tech Arion Soundstage Speaker System
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Inside the box there are two dual speakers and a large subwoofer with an LCD on the front and the port on the right. The right and left speakers use composite audio connectors and plug directly into the subwoofer.  The subwoofer recieves its audio input from the computer, but also plugs directly into the wall.

Eagle Tech Arion Soundstage Speaker System
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Included with the speakers is a remote control and 3.5mm to component audio connector.

Eagle Tech Arion Soundstage Speaker System
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Both speakers and subwoofer have rubber pads on the bottom to protect them from scratching your desk and prevent vibrations. Bass, Treble, and Volume levels can also be controlled from the front of the subwoofer.  The LCD is pretty pointless.  It shows you whether you’re feeding it from a CD player or an auxilary connection.  Other than that though, it only blinks to show whether you’re changing bass, treble, or master volume.


Overall, these speakers have good bass levels and good overall sound quality.  I’ve heard better sound from smaller speakers though, and personally I would rather save the desk space.  However, audio levels were impressive as it starts so softly it’s barely audible and goes all the way up to shaking the house and waking the neighbors.


These speakers are a good set for the money (~$50 US).  They offer good enough sound quality to stand up to the competition, and maintain it even at the highest volumes with virtually no distortion.  Unfortunately, I was concerned about the speakers’ size.  They take up a lot of desk space compared to other speaker setups tat are available for the same price.  In the end, the large size and overly simple controls really hold back the ET-AR504LR-BK from being outstanding.


+ Loud!
+ Good bass
+ Good overall sound quality
+ Remote control


– Rudimentary controls
– Big

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  1. I like this headset a lot. Good overview on the features and capabilities. I think that Logitech released a headset, mouse, keyboard combination together but I never picked the mouse or keyboard up. Interested if anyone has used all three together. I can’t imagine how that would make much of a difference to be honest.

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