Dangerden Tdx775 waterblock


Well the new socket 775 from Intel does not have that many coolers yet to it. We have one waterblock from Dangerden on our test bench today that fits this new socket. It’s the TDX 775 waterblock that we will test against the Asetek Antarctica block in both normal use and overclocking.

About Dangerden:

Danger Den LLC.
41890 Old Highway 30
Astoria OR 97103
Phone: 503-458-6548


Complete Block Assembled with Top and O-ring
100% Copper 110!
#1 Accelerator Plate
High Flow 1/2″ or 3/8″ OD Fittings
Stainless Steel Hold Down
Machined Lapped and polished beyond 1200 grit
Pressure tested before shipment to 85psi

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This is the standard package from Dangerden. It’s a white box that covers the block and the accessories. The block is pretty small I have to say and the question is if it will be able to cool the processor as well as the bigger Asetek block. The mounting accessories are packed in a small zip lock bag.

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The copper block is the one thing that is big on this block and it has to be because the holes are so spread apart on the motherboard. The copper base itself is very small and barely weighs anything. I would guess it’s around 150-200 grams in weight which is very little for a waterblock. If we remember back in time when a Maze 3 could be around 800 grams so the waterblocks has developed lately for the better. The bottom was dent and scratch free and protected by a plastic film. I feel they could have done better work on the bottom part.

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You mount first the steel standofs and remember to use the plastic washers. Then mount the rest springs etc on and tighten the block down evenly so you spread the pressure all over the motherboard. Remember to run and test for leaks for a few hours before running everything for longer periods. Mounting is easy and you can always look at guides that you can find online.

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