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Using a headset is becoming more of an everyday occurrence, with the increased popularity of MMOs and VOIP. Why not upgrade the experience with a high quality headset? Today we’ll be looking at the latest headset from CyberSnipa, the CyberSnipa Sonar 5.1 Headset. We have reviewed products from them in the past and have been impressed by their attention to detail and high quality product. Read on to find out if this headset continues that tradition.

About Cyber Snipa and Flexiglow:
The Cyber Snipa™ product range has been developed by Flexiglow Hong Kong, a global supplier of PC modding and gaming accessories trading as Flexiglow™.
Flexiglow™ specialises in the development and manufacture of bespoke PC modification and gaming accessory products. Our key focus is on meeting the ever changing needs of the gaming community – one of the fastest growing communities in the world today.
The Cyber Snipa™ range of gaming peripherals is specifically focussed on complimenting and enhancing the gamers workspace. Research and development is channelled towards providing benefits to gamers over and above the basic requirements to improve the gamers experience and performance.
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The product:
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The CyberSnipa Sonar 5.1 Headset came well-secured in a clear plastic box. The front of the package clearly displayed the headset, and the back of the package provides a list of specifications and a description in multiple languages. Reading their website and the development blog, this is the second generation of the SteelSound headset (hence the “v2”).  Apparently, there were some issues with the previous version that this design addresses.
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Opening the package, the headset can be found secured to the molded plastic container. The package simply contains the headset, a set of instructions, and a disc containing software. The only thing I thought was missing was a carrying case or a bag to hold the headset during transport.
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The headset itself is quite attractive and looks like high-quality headphones rather than a headset. The earpieces are quite large, with sizeable ear cushions that fit over my big ears. The two earpieces rotate 90 degrees along their center axis, allowing for greater adjustability. The headband cushion has another thick cushion and is straighter than most headphones I’ve used.
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As with most headsets, the CyberSnipa Sonar allows you to adjust the overall fit of the ear pieces, accommodating a wide range of head sizes. The built-in microphone is fairly sizeable and is fixed; some other headsets we’ve reviewed have the handy feature of being able to retract which is a nice touch that prevents damage of the microphone in transport.

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