Cubitek XL-Tank Case

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Underneath the HDD caddy is place for 2.5″ hard disk or solid state disk. This is one of the first cases I’ve seen in a long time which have the slot for 2.5″ disks without an adapter. In order to install the 2.5″ drive you need to remove the HDD caddy.

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Speaking of the huge 240mm fan. It is the only fan with the case, which have a dust filter in it. As seen, after removal of the front panel there’s huge 240mm filter installed in front of the fan.

Installation &  opinions:

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Installing your parts inside the case was a smooth process. After installing the hard disks in the caddy, we installed the optical drive and power supply. Power supply installation is like in any other case. Plug in the PSU and tighten it with four screws. Optical drives are held with thumbscrews provided in the screwbags. Before installing the motherboard you need to install the motherboard risers (just like in any other case). Risers were provided with the case, but unfortunately the screws required to install the motherboard were not. After all parts are installed within the case our test setup looked like seen in the picture. Noctua U12P cooler did fit in nicely, however our usual cooler in our test setup, CoolIT E.C.O ALC did not as it requires 120mm fan slot to bolt it in.

I’ve been using the case with my test setup for couple days now. I’ve not noticed any resonating noises with this case, unlike with so many before this. This is partly due the aluminium design of the case, and partly due excellent design and manufacture this case has been through. Fans provided with the case are low noise but not the most silent ones I’ve encountered. All in all this seems to be very high quality case and will most likely stay as my test setup case for a long time.

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This was the first Cubitek case I’ve reviewed. To be honest, I hadn’t heard about Cubitek before reviewing this product. However I didn’t let that fact to harm my judgement with the review. The case seems genuinelly high quality and well done. All parts are well cooled thanks to awesome airflow inside the case and there are no resonating noises at all – eventho my two Hitachi hard disks do tend to resonate with most of the cases. Overall I would recommend this case to anyone who likes how this case looks and is looking for new aluminium case. Unfortunately we do not have any information about the pricing of the case, but I will try to remember to update this review with price details once available.

Update 11.4.2011: We got a confirmation from the manufacturer that the retail units of this case should have the missing screws mentioned earlier. Our sample unit was missing them due the factory error in Cubitek’s end.

+ Aluminium
+ Silent fans
+ No resonanse sounds

– None

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