Cougar S550W PSU

Final testing and Conclusion

12V Load:

Cougar S550W PSU

Both PSU´s stay very silent even under heavy load. You actually have to put your ear to the Cougar PSU to actually hear the fan even after longer periods of load. This is one of the features of the Cougar unit.


The unit performs very well and the 140 mm fan is very silent at all times. Overall I think that the unit is a very high quality device, that struck me as soon as I got the box. The weight and the quality of the case is very different from all other units I have tested in the past. It was also very well packed and the modular cables lock on to the PSU very well, and you won’t have any issues removing them either. I like the sleeved cable since it was not to stiff or hard to work with.

Overall this is a high quality PSU aimed for long time usage with stable voltages and silent operation.

+ Stable
+ Silent
+ Well packed
+ Modular
+ High qualíty case

– None this far

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