Corsair H100 Liquid Cooling

Overclocked 4,3GHz Low Rpm:

If we boost the CPU to 4,3GHz and boost the vCore with 0,5V we can see a 3 degree difference on these coolers while the Noctua is not able to keep up.

Overclockd 4,3GHz, High rpm:

During high rpm the Corsair catches up even more with only 2 degress between the kits. The Noctua performs extremely well though considering it is only a air cooler.



Since the results in the end are very similar between the Antec 920 and the Corsair H100 you will have to just make up your mind on which to choose. The Corsair has a fan speed controller that I like, this I missed on the Antec. The 920 performed a tad better at a both high and low Rpm on the fans, you can pick up the Antec kit for 94$ at Newegg while the newer Corsair setup costs 119$.

The Corsair kit also has a bigger radiator that in the end will keep the temperatures lower especially during the summer, it is also easier to hide in the top of your case.

So in the end the choice is yours, they’ve got similar performance as I said, and the difference might just be differently applied thermal paste, etc… so don’t go all on numbers! If you decide to overclock I can for sure recommend the Corsair since it moves way more air than the Antec kit, but it also makes a lot more noise at high RPM so keep that in mind.

Dual 120 mm fan support
+ Long radiator
+ Fan controller
+ Noise

– Price (20$ more expensive than 920)
– No tubing clips on radiator

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