Corsair GS800 PSU Review

Corsair GS800 PSU Side Corsair GS800 PSU Fan grill
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We can see that this unit actually has the same color scheme as the box, all around it they have placed blue and white to match the black case. I think this unit would work very well with mod projects that have blue LED’s.

On the bottom they have cut out a fan grill out of the case which looks nicer and also saves Corsair money.


Corsair GS800 PSU Cables Corsair GS800 PSU Rail voltages
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As I mentioned earlier this is not a modular PSU, this does not mean it’s any better or worse than a modular version. I personally prefer modular since its easier to keep the case clean with less cables. The cables are sleeved though so its still quite easy to hide them and make the case look nice.

We can on the right image see the sticker with all the specifications, it has one 12V rail that should be able to run pretty much any setup on the market.

Corsair GS800 PSU Back Corsair GS800 PSU LED fan
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On the back of the GS800 you will find a power plugin, On/Off switch and also a button to turn the LED’s of on the fan in case you are not a fan of LED’s. I personally like the color of the fan, although the camera was not able to fully catch it, I would say it’s a bit lighter blue than what the image shows.

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