Corsair Carbide 500R Case

Corsair Carbide 500R Case Corsair Carbide 500R Case
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The back has a 120 mm fan mounted to exhaust the hot air out of the case. When it comes to handling cables this case is more than prepared for it, there is plenty of holes so you can mount most of your cables behind the motherboard tray. I am quite impressed of how they have placed these holes since they are perfectly mounted so you can hide most of your cables during installation.

By hiding cables you make the case look nice and tidy but most importantly you increase the airflow through the case and that way lower the temperature.

Corsair Carbide 500R Case Corsair Carbide 500R Case
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On the bottom of the case they have mounted ventilation holes for the fresh air intake since the PSU is mounted on the bottom.

In a small white box that is inside the case you will find the stand offs, screws, zipties etc, that you will need for mounting.

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I borrowed this image from Corsair since our images all turned out to blurry for me to post on the site and I thought this describes well how much space there is in this case.

Corsair has mounted three videocards and there is still room to mount other parts without having to handle cables etc.



This is a very nice case, with a pricetag of 140$ it might scare off some of the potential buyers. I would have liked to see a price closer to 100$ for this to be really able to compete with cheaper on the market, granted they don’t have the same features but with the economy right now people go for cheaper cases. If you’ve got the cash and want a quality case in general this is the one!

Impressive cooling  features, plenty of space, good cable managment and a nice clean look makes this case a winner in my eyes. We had no trouble installing our hardware into the case so thus  far I have not been able to find any flaws. I even tried to listen for vibrations but the sides fit on perfect so with air cooling we had no vibration issues.

Overall a superb case that gets our editors choice award.

+ Nice looking
+ Cable managment
+ Prepared for watercooling and fans
+ No vibrations

– Price

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