Coolmax CUG-950B 950W Power Supply


Nowadays, being “green” is the in thing. Many people are trying to find ways to save energy and save the planet, and there are a number of companies who are adopting those principles in designing their products. Coolmax, a maker of a wide range of cooling and other computer products, has released a new green power supply, the Coolmax CUG-950B 950W PSU. Does being green come with a sacrifice in performance? Read on to find out.

About Coolmax:
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Coolmax Technology, Inc. is a rapidly growing company that was founded in the year 1997. Our initial task of providing cooling solutions for electrical and industrial applications using AC and DC voltage fans is our solid foundation. Our commitment to excellence in both products and service had earned for us the reputation as a leading thermal solutions provider in the industry. We strive to work hard, hand in hand with our clients, from the biggest to the smallest. They rely on our company’s ability to provide quick and professional responses to inquiries and production demands. Our factories are located in China and are ISO9000 and 14001 certified, all our products are UL, TUV, CSA, CE approved. Coolmax is dedicated to providing the best cooling solutions engineered for a high-tech world while maintaining long-term customer relationships.
Along with this line, we are also channeling our efforts to include our services in the field of Rapid Injection Molding. Our focus is to provide new product developers and designers with the fastest and least-expensive way to obtain low volumes of plastic injection molded parts.
In this regard, we have also embarked on a new venture that will allow us to provide high quality cold forged and extruded heat sinks for a variety of applications. Our world class products can support the high-end PCs in both electronics and industrial applications.
–  Quad +12V output rails
–  Advanced double forward circuit and double-layer PCB
–  Active power factor correction
–  Super high efficiency maximum 84%
–  High power cable management enables safely select wiring
–  Ultimate balance between cooling and noise level
–  Honey Comb Structure with best ventilation
–  Dual PCI-Express power connectors fully support SLI system
–  ATX 12V V.2.2
–  All output cables with nylon sleeving
–  Gold plated terminal
–  Flexible connector & system design
–  Patented easy swap connector
The product:
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The Coolmax CUG-950B 950W Power Supply (PSU) arrived in a slightly larger than normal box with a simple white design and a green leaf on front, with the words “green power” displayed prominently. The sides and rear provide a picture of the supply as well as a list of features.
This product is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, which means that all parts (including accessories and packing materials) does not contain hazardous materials. Coolmax goes to the extra effort of listing all the hazardous chemicals on the side of the package, which is a nice touch. The power supply is also very efficient, with a max of 84% which is great for such a high output supply.
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Opening up the package, the PSU can be found snuggly secured between two foam inserts. Along with the power supply, the package contains screws, modular power cables, and the AC power cable.
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Unwrapping the PSU from the protective bag, the first thing you can’t help but notice is that there are no cables attached to the PSU. In other words, this is a modular power supply. Modular PSUs allow PSU customization by plugging in only the cables that are necessary and making for a clean build.

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