Coolermaster Hyper 612S CPU Cooler


Testing was done with the following LGA1155 test setup:

Intel i5 2500K @ 3.7 GHz (OC1 @4.3GHz @1,316V ; OC2 @4.74GHz @1.416V)
Asus P8P67-Pro mATX
G.Skill 2x2GB DDR3


Operating system Windows 7 (32-bit),

Thermal paste:
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound will be used for all comparison units.

Hyper 612SHyper 612S
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Test conditions:

Our test setup is built inside a Thermaltake M9 mid-tower case with one 120mm Arctic F12 Pro PWM fan in the back at 1500 RPM.

Side panel was opened during testing to get the feeling of noise level coming from the fan motor.

Ambient temperature during testing was within range of 24-26 °C.

Retail Cooler Master Hyper 612S CPU Cooler will be tested against the following comparison units:
– Intel i5 2500K stock cooler,
– Custom Watercooling system (360mm radiator, 3 x 120mm fans @ 1850 rpms)

Temperatures are not taken when the system was idle. We produced the highest possible temperature using the AIDA 64. All temperatures were logged using the CPUID Hardware Monitor and AIDA64 Sensor graphs.
Core temperatures using Intel stock cooler went over 80°C in a few minutes so I stopped the test. To check if the cooler was installed in right way, I checked the idle temps and these were within specs, 31 – 39 °C.

Hyper 612S

We start our tests with our Intel i5-2500K processor running at its native speeds and Turbo enabled (x37), with the stock fan at 100%.(1300RPM).

In second round, we run both sets of tests again, this time with the CPU overclocked to 4,3 GHz  and 4,74GHz, and overvolted accordingly to 1,32V and 1,42V to see how well the Hyper handle a higher heat load.

At stock speeds the Hyper 612S heatsink performs close enough to the Watercooling system and yields an average rise above ambient temperature of 26°C and only 4,3 Celsius higher than Watercooling system .

With more heat load applied, the Coolermaster Hyper612S heatsink yields an average rise above ambient temperature of 33°C and 41°C . Compared to the Watercooling system, Hyper was warmer by 6 – 8,2 °C which are a very good results.

Even with side panel removed, noise was not detected at all.

Hyper 612S

Next, we have run tests again, this time with the fan connected over silent mode adapter working at 700 rpms to see how well the Hyper performs when silenced. I expected to see 900 rpms here as specified by Coolermaster but both software tools recorded 700 rpms.

When the fan was slowed,  CPU die temperatures rises a bit over ambient,  31,4 Celsius at stock frequency and 33,4 Celsius when overclocked.

We expect the temperatures to fall by an additional few degrees if the heatsink was put into a closed case with a proper ventilation setup.

Hyper 612S
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Hyper 612S

Finally, we have run all these testswith two fans installed. For this purpose I’ve used my Gentle Typhoon fan @1850 rpms. I have lowered its’ speed using bundled silent mode adapter and achieved 1200 rpms which was close enough to the stock fan speed running at 1300 rpms to achieve a good push/pull airflow for tests to be taken.

The heatsink’s good performance was even better when compared to a larger and heavier competitor – Watercooling setup. Temperatures have dropped a few more degrees when compared to first tests taken with the stock fan at 1300 rpms except for the stock speed.


Final view and conclusion:

Looking first at the build quality of the Hyper 612S we have a CPU cooler which offers a solid feel with nothing to be highlighted. Style is added by the specially top fin design. No rough edges or quality issues were noticed.

In terms of design the Hyper looks classy, old school tower cooler, with aluminium fins which are designed with wider than usual fin gaps making it quite a big dimensions overall.

Cooling performance wise we have a cooler which offers a good level of cooling ability as standard and this can be increased further by addition  of second  fan if you do overclock. If you don’t intend to overclock then the second fan wouldn’t be needed.

I really liked the performance of this upper middle class cooler at 1,42V with only one fan preinstalled, however I wouldn’t recommend this setting for 24/7 use.

Finally, value of the Hyper is very reasonable and with market price of 39,90 Euro, enthusiasts should consider this product as a serious competitor.

I’m glad Coolermaster has made the Hyper silent solution and at the same time so good performer when overclocking.
The optional second fan installation accessories with rubber pads and silent operation adapter are very nice touches.

Take care prior to purchase to check the space inside your case so to avoid clearance issues (163 mm ).

+ Close to silent operation
+ Good performance
+ Price vs performance ratio
+ Option accessories

– (Nothing)

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