Cooler Master Silencio 450 Case review

Today we are going to take a look at a computer case named “Silencio 450” from Cooler Master.  Cooler Master is known for their high quality products that are often low-noise.  I myself am very interested in and attracted to low noise products and am excited to get right on this case and test it out!

About Cooler Master:

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– The side panel and front door come with sound-proof foams

– Supports two 120mm/800rpm silent case fans (up to 3x120mm fans)

– High speed USB3.0 and SD card reader

– Supports long graphics cards including AMD Radeon HD6990

(HDD cage will need to be removed when installing VGA in the 4th slot and below)

– Removable HDD cages

– Easily maintain dust filter with quick access

– Switchable door hinge


Available Color: Full Black
Material: Steel body, plastic front bezel
Dimension (W / H / D): 194 x 451.45 x 494.75 mm (7.63 x 17.77 x 19.47 inch)
Weight: 6.2kg / 13.66 lb
M/B Type: Micro-ATX, ATX
5.25″ Drive Bays: 3 exposed
3.5″ Drive Bays: 1 exposed, 5 hidden
I/O Panel: USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, Mic x1, Audio x 1, SD card reader x 1
Expansion Slots: 7
Cooling System Front: 120mm fan x 1, 800 RPM (can support 140mm fan x 1)
Rear: 120mm fan x 1, 800 RPM (can support 80/90mm fan x 1)
Power Supply Type: Standard ATX PS2 (optional)
2.5″ Drive Bays: 1 hidden
Maximum Compatibility: CPU cooler height: 6.16 inch / 156.5mm

VGA card length: 11.06 inch / 281mm
16.61 inch / 422mm (Without HDD cage)

The Product:

Cooler Master Silencio 450 Case Package
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The Silencio 450 case comes in a white-lilac box which has a picture of the product printed on it. Opening the cardboard box was easy and inside we found the case well packed in order to avoid any damage during the transportation.

This case is classed as a mid-tower case but it is a bit smaller than the usual mid-towers nowadays, and it´s also smaller and lighter than its mid-tower brother “Silencio 550”.

Cooler Master Silencio 450 Case Accessories
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Inside the box we find the actual case and the manual. The other accessories provided, besides the manual, are placed inside the computer case. Accessories include: a manual, bags of screws, stand-offs, buzzer, dampening pads for the PSU, nut, a PC speaker, two expansion-slot covers and cable-ties. The PSU dampening pads are used for preventing vibrations in the case. I would’ve liked it if they included re-attachable covers for all seven expansion-slots, not just two.

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  1. ” The two other 120mm fans are located on top of the case meaning that you
    can even isntall 120mm x 240mm water cooling radiators in the P280.
    This is a feature which I’d like to see available in more cases in the
    market! ”

    After reading this; it would have been nice to have actually seen what kind/ size (e.g. thickness) of radiator would fit in the Antec P280, my guess would be a slim 240mm (e.g. XSPC RS240).

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