Cmstorm Trigger mechanical gaming keyboard review

Cmstorm Trigger mechanical gaming keyboard

If you want to save specific button profiles that function is available. It is easy to swap profile by just going into the software and clickin on the saved profile you want to activate.

Cmstorm Trigger mechanical gaming keyboard

In the Macro studio you can create your macros which can be programmed for the M1 to M5 buttons that are on the left side of the keyboard.


Comparing this vs the Razer Blackwidow and the  Zowie Celeritas I have to admit that I like this Cmstorm keyboard the most due to its Cherry MX black switches.

They are not as loud as the others, the overall feeling is the same as all three have managed to get a nice gaming feeling over their keyboards.

This keyboard does not have any ghosting issues and the keys respond very fast but you are still able to type on it without making double letters.



Overall this is a very nice keyboard and I personally have found the Cherry MX switch that I like. The Cmstorm Trigger performs excellent as a gaming keyboard and as a standard keyboard. Software is easy to understand and the only cons that I have found is that the USB cable is sleeved and quite thick and hard to control. Otherwise,  you have to remember it might take a bit of time to learn to type on this keyboard.

In the end though we will for sure recommend this mechanical gaming keyboard.

Not very loud
+ Comfortable
+ Nice looking
+ Macro buttons

Takes time to learn to type on it
– Sleeved USB cable (very stiff)

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