CmStorm Scout 2 computer case

CmStorm Scout 2 computer case accessories CmStorm Scout 2 computer case
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If you are in need of some mounting parts simply open up the small cardboard box inside the case which holds stand offs, zip ties, screws and HDD mounting parts.

After mounting the motherboard and cooler we can see that there is plenty of space below and beside the motherboard. There are also holes so you can mount your cables and hide them behind the motherboard tray itself.



This is a very nice case, we had no issues installing our test setup in this case, and there is still plenty of space for example for watercooling.

The only flaw that I could find is that there is no front fan and the fan that is mounted in the back could be quieter in my opinion.

Overall though it has very nice features for the 90-100$ that the case sells for.

Easy to build in
+ Nice looking
+ Comfortable handle
+ Good price

No front fan included
– Back fan is fairly loud


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  1. n0tiert says

    top air outtake is flattering, front top cover (io area) not glued well, 3 fans per fan controller ( if u can mount 4 on window panel)

    cheap, lowbudget case, would never take it again

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