Cmstorm Quickfire TK mechanical gaming keyboard


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I have  typed this whole review on the Quickfire TK and I still have some issues when it comes to typing on it. I think it is just to cramped for typing for longer periods, although it is possible as we can see. If you type a lot and game little this might not be your choice, on the other hand if you game a lot and type a little this would be your choice. If you are low on space this would also be a wise choice in keyboard.

It is a nice keyboard that is available with the various Cherry MX switches so you can buy the ones that you are most comfortable with. What about the price? You can pick this mechanical keyboard up from Newegg for 89.99$ which is around the same price as most others on the market, perhaps a tad cheaper even.

I cannot find any real flaws with the design or the hardware on the keyboard itself, more than it is cramped but I can’t set that as a con since this is a smaller keyboard and supposed to be that way.


+ Backlit keys
+ Can turn of Window button
+ Different modes

Hard to type on


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