CmStorm Pitch gaming earphones



This is a nice headset or earphones if you want to call them that, the performance is decent but not good enough for me at least. The sound is quite clear and there is some bass BUT!  the sound is a bit like listening in a tin can, it kind of echoes and sounds odd. Don’t take me wrong for 30$ it might be decent, especially for gaming it works but when it comes to listening to music they don’t really cut it.

The other flaw is the noise from the flat cord, they have the same issue with scrathcing sound from the coat as the Jays had that I reviewed in the past.

Overall though fairly good earphones, they really do cut out the noise from the outside and you can not hear when people talk so you can focus on the game, this means if you just are going to game with them they will do the job but if you also want to listen to music they might not be your first choice.

Nice looking
+ Tangle free
+ Inline remote and mic
+ Decent bass

Sound quality
–  Scratching sound from flat cable

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