CmStorm Pitch gaming earphones

CmStorm Pitch gaming earphone adapter

This is the adapter that you use when you want to plug in the device in the computer, or well if you want to use the mic. If you don’t use the adapter the mic will not work on the earphones which is a pain in the butt if you are a gamer and need to talk to people.

CmStorm Pitch gaming earphones

I love the look of these earphones, the colors go together so well and they have made the cord flat so it does not tangle like a normal cord does.

The problem with flat cord is that it tends to be more sensitive vs movement, by that I mean that if the cord rubs vs your coat for example the noise from it rubbing against your coat will be heard in the earphones. This is an issue I had with some Jays earphones on the past and these might be the same.

CmStorm Pitch gaming earphone logo

They put a nice little cap at the end of the earphones which they printed a Cmstorm logo on, a nice touch.

CmStorm Pitch gaming earphone mic and remote

If you want to use this as a headset it is also possible with a built on mic and remote on the cord.

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