Cm Storm Sonuz Headset review


I´ve tested this headset listening to various genres of music, and I think it has a nice rich bass sound, which I personally value greatly.
At higher volumes the headphones sound pretty clear, even when I set the highest volume.

The microphone sounds very good, almost completely clear, but if you have set a high recording-volume you notice the background noise.



Cm Storm Sonuz is a very nice product. The headphones don´t squeeze against my head, so I could use them for several hours without any problem. This is ideal for long gaming-sessions.

This headset is very big, but personally I think this might make them more robust, unlike the thin headphones I´ve had before that broke apart after they drop to the floor.
For those people that are mostly interested in watching movies than gaming, CM Storm Sirus 5.1 gaming headset is probably a better choisc.

To conclude, Cm Storm Sonuz headset is a great choise for the casual gamer with its mid-range price, good sound-quality on both the headphones and microphone, and being comfortable. I thereby give this headset my recommendations for that type of usage. You can buy this at Amazon and Newegg.

+Good sound quality
+Rich bass sound
+Sleeved cable
+3.5mm headphone jacks makes it versatile, work on many devices.
+Golden connectors for better connectivity
+Nice design
+Detachable microphone that can be used on the right or the left side

None this far

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