Cm Storm Sonuz Headset review

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Coolermaster Sonuz Headset Mic port
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On the cable Cm Storm has mounted a remote control that both mutes the microphone and controls the volume. If you don’t use the microphone, or if you don’t want to have it hanging beside you, all you have to do is unplug it since this mic is hooked up with a simple 3,5 mm connector. Personally. I don’t think that a mic on a headset is a disturbance being attached when you don´t need it, but some people do. Walking around people outside and listening to music with the headset and having the mic attached might not look that good though, so it´s a nice feature.

The microphone is detachable by turning it almost straight up, then you just pull it out. The mic weights 20g.

Coolermaster Sonuz Headset  Coolermaster Sonuz Headset Earcup
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This headset, including the microphone, weights 426g. It´s pretty lightweight considing the size of it.
I thought that the ear pads felt very comfortable when I wore them correctly and covered my ears fully like they were supposed to. That means avoiding touching the headphones with the ears, although they tend to feel rather warm around the ears after long-time usage.

The ear pads are made of felt which is produced by matting, condensing and then pressing woollen fibers. As felt is made out of wool, I feel comfortable using them under a longer period of time, unlike plastic that has some toxicity.

Coolermaster Sonuz Headset  Coolermaster Sonuz Headset Mic jack

Coolermaster Sonuz Headset Headband
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Both sides of the earphones have a CM STORM print on them.
On the bottom on both earphone there are no extra features except the microphone jacks.

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