CM Storm Pulse R Headset

CM Storm Pulse R Headset

The earcups are well padded the the fake leather will be interesting to test out since I’m used to cloth ones.

CM Storm Pulse R Headset headband

If we look at the headband we can see that is quite thick so it should be comfortable to wear for longer periods of gaming.

Overall thus far the headset feels quite nice, the only thing I’m not a fan of is the removable mic.

CM Storm Pulse R Headset plugins

The left earcup has the plugins where you plugin the mic and also the cord.



This headset feels pretty good, perhaps the weight is a tad to much to be perfectly balanced. The sound is good and the bass is very comfortable. Even at higher sound levels the bass sounds great and the treble is clear.

I tested the sound with various sound genres, through Youtube and also Spotify to get various types of sound quality. I mentioned earlier that the remote feels a tad plastic and I still think the same, although it does its job very well and feels smooth I still wish manufacturers put more effort into the remote.

Overall a very nice headset that you really should try out if you can, they are comfortable and you can pick them up for around 85$. This price is my opinion is a tad high but if you want a nice looking headset this might be your choice.

+ Good sound
+ Sleeved cable and remote
+ Removable mic

A tad heavy

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