CM Storm Enforcer

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The rear panel of the case has a 120mm 17db fan in it. This is also a place if you want to attach Corsair H50 or similar cooler in to the case. Coolermaster advertises the case to be compatible with “internal watercooling solutions”.


Following setup was built inside the case:
Asus M4A785TD-M EVO
AMD Phenom II X4 975BE
Asus Radeon 6850 DirectCU
Enermax EMG700AWT Modu87+

Building the system was a straight forward process. CM Storm is not a toolless case so you need a screwdriver to go through the building process, but everything is still designed well. Everything in our test setup did fit in nicely without any hiccups and there shouldn’t be problems even with longer VGA cards than our mainstream 6850.

We did not see any difference in motherboard & processor temperatures with CM Storm compared to Bitfenix shinobi and Nexus Prominent 5. Also the soundlevel with the provided fans was at reasonable level – however I’ve seen more silent ones in the past.


Personally I think Enforcer is one of the best looking cases out on the market at the moment. With a little “geekish” look and design it is perfect choice for gaming computers. There is enough space inside even for higher end computers and enough fan slots for extreme cooling. Enforcer is well balanced case without any major cons. The largest problem with the case (as with most of the higher quality cases) is the looks – you either like or dislike it.

+ Looks
+ Well designed

– No thumbscrews


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