CM Storm and Rbmods Teams up for a giveaway!

Rbmods and CM Storm have teamed up to bring you this giveaway that consists of three products.

There will be one winner that receives a gaming package in which the following products will be found:

Sonuz Gaming Headset:


Recon Gaming mouse:


Quickfire Pro Mechanical keyboard with Red cherry mx switches:


Step 1: To enter the contest you need to sign up for our newsletter which you can do on the frontpage. If you have already signed up read step 2.

Step 2: Make a post below in the comment section and tell us why you should win (or post a link to a image/video showing why you should win ๐Ÿ™‚ . Dont forget to add your email adress so we can find it in the database to see that you have signed up. Remember that creativity is always a good thing to stand out from the crowd ๐Ÿ™‚

Rbmods staff cannot participate in this and the products will be shipped from Cm Storm EU which means only Europeans can participate in this contest. Sorry about this USA and rest of the world!

You can only enter the contest once and cheaters will be automaticlly deleted. Feel free to like CM Storms Facebook page! This giveaway will be running from the 20th of February to 10th of March!


  1. bestbattle says

    Hello! My name is Adi, a.k.a. bestbattle ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a huge fan of CM Storm’s gaming peripherals as I have a QuickFire Tk. mechanical keyboard. It has helped me alot while playing CS:GO and other shooters: quick responding, easy to push (Cherry MX red) and purely flawless! But the draw back is the fact that I have no headset, so I often die ambushed because I could not hear the enemy coming… The Sonuz would really help me kick some enemy ass while keeping my team updated if I die!

  2. Hey guys!
    My name is Boyan Popov and I’d love to receive the package because I really enjoy games and I love how my PC turned out, the only thing I lack is peripherals. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m using KB / Mouse for total price of around 20$ ;DD If I happen to receive this giveaway set of peripherals I’d love to record some more (and new games) clips in my channel ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I want to win because for me, having the best gaming gear means everything. I game a lot and if i could picture this “package” in a phrase, definitely it would
    be…”perfection in superlative”. This is not just technology. It`s
    passion. By CM. These products are some magnificent pieces of hi-tech. That`s
    what i tend for: absolute performance.This gaming gear is engineered to exceed expectations, gaming expectations and definitely will make me cherish every moment spent gaming with these beauties. CM Storm products are
    for those who can, but want more. That`s the secret of CM Storm: allow yourself
    more, never feel abandoned when it comes to performance, reliability, and
    precision.This only happens when passion and technology coexists… I don`t
    want to wait for performance. I want to live it. And if i knew that you guys
    are giving this away i wouldn’t have suffered from that baseball bat trying to steal one ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Winning this contest would really help me completing my quest as a heavy duty Warcraft and DOTA player! Currently I am gaming on my laptop keyboard wich can take more than two key presses at the same time, using it’s on board crappy speaker. My mouse… what can I say: it’s the same think with or without it. CM Storm’s ultimate gaming gear would help me excel in gaming: quick responding, heavy duty keyboard, excellent headset with crystal clear sound and one of the best mouses out there. I definitely need this gear! Thanks! (not native speaker, so excuse my mistakes)

  5. Heinipooh says

    Iยดve just bought a new PC, but Iยดm using an old stock keyboard, which keys are often only partially working. And my headphones got an cablebreak, so half of the time im only hearing at one ear and my microphone (whats not really a microphone, just a 5โ‚ฌ webcam) is held up by a small camping lamp, which is falling down from the table every few minutes (picture down there).
    Unlike that, some good peripherals would help me a lot and would make the gaming much more fun. Since Iยดve got my ne PC I really recognized that good peripherals, like some from CM Storm, are at least as important as a good machine.
    P.S.: Whats an optical mouse ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. darkstefanut says

    Hello there! I’m darkstefanut. I’ve been playing Counter Strike for 10 years and even during exams – which believe me, they’re freaking hard! – I find myself some time for a lil fraggin’. Eventhough my current gear is crappy, I still manage to win almost every match and beat the crap out of my enemies. But my 3 years 10 euros mouse is dying. This would be the perfect time for an gear ubber-upgrade (this is the most suitable word I found for the gear you’re offering). I think CM Storm’s gear would be responsible for my bans – considering now i’m playing using some 5 euro speakers -. I’m dying about playin’ with professional grade gear. I now study medicine and I really don’t have money for upgrading my gear, so thanks for this chance!

  7. With no more words to say i`ll let the picture speak. I should win because i can`t really hear properly with my phone`s handsfree and that mouse really lived its life. Until i get to click on it, i`m already dead in the games. Twice. Really would need an upgrade from all the used stuff that i have.

    or else i have to call these guys again. this was my motherboard last year ๐Ÿ™

  8. Hello, my name is Carlo. First of all, thank you for this great chance. I am a big fan of CM Storm peripherals, I have a CM Storm Inferno that has been serving me very well and I paired it with a CM Storm mouse pad. I also bought my little brother a CM Storm Sentinel Advance II, so that we can rule together on Battlefield 3.

    Still, I really need to get a good headset and a keyboard, since mine are absolutely subpar quality. The headset I am using, is so bad that the padding around the ears is falling down, while the keys of my keyboard (membrane keyboard) have now become super loose. Getting these peripherals would really up my game!
    The new mouse would be welcome too, so that I could pass my current CM Storm Inferno to my second brother and form a nice team CM Storm team ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actually I could split the prize with my two brothers (one for each of us). This could be a huge surprise for them.

    I don’t want to use fancy slogans or cheesy appraisals to support my nomination. I can only say that winning this would make not one but three people happy (me and my brothers).

    PS: I registered to the newsletter, my email is

  9. Franz I says

    hi my name is Franz with email and i should win simply because i need a refresh of my peripherals. i had a cm storm spawn mouse but it was not so good for my big hand in gaming so i gave it away as a present for Christmas. i`m still stuck with some kind of no-brand “good for nothing-hate it” peripherals and did i say thanks for this contest? well thanks. it`s a chance to win my favorite cm storm goodies so i`m trying to save some money for upgrade the entire station.winning this would really help me – when gaming, surfing and listening to some music and of course would keep me focused with the other upgrades that really costs a lot. i don`t have a headset/earphones all i have is a 2.1 system there which really sounds like a dog howling. can`t think right now about something creative to support my entry but if an idea comes i`ll post a picture.

  10. Im late announcing the winner I know but the winner is Daniel Telea! Congrats and get back to us with your adress and information.

  11. slugbug55 says

    Congrats Dan

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